BeeHive Langstroth w/ Telescopic Lid

BeeHive Langstroth w/ Telescopic Lid

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Our Beehives are handmade with recycled non-treated pine and are sealed by hot dipping in Waksol, to provide protection against the elements. The aluminum Telescope lid, used recycled aluminum press print sheet.


Set Includes

1 x Aluminum Telescope Lid

1 x Inner-Lid

1 x Super Chamber

1 x Brood Chamber

1 x Bottom Board

10 x 35mm Bowden Super Frames w/ Wire & Wax strip 

11 x 32mm Bowden Brood Frames w/ Wire & Wax strip



Weight : 16.1 Kg

H: 46cm + W: 46.5cm + D: 57cm

Langstroth Hive dimensions