Gardening for Honeybees

Whether you have a window box, or a large garden, planting bee-friendly flowers can help boost your local honeybee population. In return, they will pollinate our flowers, crops, fruits, and vegetables.

No matter what size garden you have, you can do your bit for all pollinators by planting at least five kinds of bee-friendly plants for every Season. Bee-friendly flowers are rich in pollen and nectar which bees can easily access throughout the year.

Use Local Native Plants

Native plants are four times more attractive to native bees than exotic flowers; heirloom varieties of herbs and perennials can also provide good foraging.

Choose Several Colors of Flowers

Colors that are great for bees include blue, purple, violet, white, and yellow.

Plant Flowers in Clumps

If you plant the same species in groups next to each other they will attract more pollinators instead of spreading them out. If you have enough space, clumps of one meter or more are best.

Include Flowers of Different Shapes

Different types of bees are different sizes and feed on different shaped flowers; the more diverse your flowers, the more likely to meet the needs of many different bees.

Have a Diversity of Plants Flowering all Season

Bees fly at different times in the season; support them with multiple plants that flower throughought the season.