Shongweni Farmer Market

Come Join Us

Every Saturday morning from 6:30am to 12:30pm, Keyla and myself are at the Shongweni farmer market. Maning our beekeeping stall, where we sell our honey and beekeeping supplies, as well as helping any budding beekeepers with their questions.

The market has just about everything you'll need, from breakfast to groceries to clothes. Plus an amazing view to enjoy while you catch up on some well deserved lazy time. 

The market has been going for 23 years now, and keeps going strong year after year. Demonstrating the strength of our local makers and growers. And the talent that comes so naturally to many South Africans. The market is the perfect environment to show case this talent that we have, backdropped with the hills of Shongweni. You couldn't find a more appropriate place to emerge yourself in the local vibe. 


In the current climate we are experiencing. Now has never been a more pressing time to directly support local business owners, and make the move towards a way of life, that is less dependent on the few. Rather a way that empowers the producer as well as the consumer, educating both about wants, needs and limitations.

It's no longer sustainable to demand a constant flow of consumption, disregarding the impact it has on the producer and our environment. Things need to be longed for again, appreciated in times of abundance, as well as respected in time of scarcity. 

we have grown to expect, and lost our respect for what grows.

Now is the time to be conscious of what is around us, and the impact everything has. 

And what better way to do that, but by being at your local market. Meeting new friends as well as catching up with old ones. Spending a moment to step back and be grateful. 

Dylan Stephen