Sweet Chilli Sauce with Honey

Sweet chilli sauce is a classic chilli sauces favoured by many heat seekers, that has been getting made for many years. It's a simple sauce that normally consists of sugar, chilli and water, that is cooked down into a sauce.

This recipe is a step up on the traditional method, substituting sugar for raw honey. With a two extra ingredients, taking It to that next level.


500g - Raw Honey (Orange Blossom)

400g - Red Chilli, Fresh

1 whole - Garlic bulb (7-8 cloves, 100g)

150g - Ginger Root, Fresh


Starting with your Ginger, blend your ingredients together, using a food processor. Followed by your garlic and then the Red Chilli. Once the three ingredients have been blended together, spoon the mixture into a large glass jar (750ml). Then finish off the recipe by filling the remaining space in the jar with the Raw Honey, and capping off the jar. 

Allow the mixture a week to fully infuse into the honey