Bowden Beehive 11F32mm w/ 10F35mm Super

Bowden Beehive 11F32mm w/ 10F35mm Super

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The Bowden Beehives are handmade with exterior waterproof ply wood. And are sealed by hot dipping in Waksol, to provide protection against the elements. The aluminium fitted lid, uses recycled aluminium press print sheet.

This model feature round entrances for pollination beekeepers

Set Includes

1 x Aluminium Fitted Lid

1 x Super Chamber

1 x Brood Chamber

1 x Bottom Board

10 x 35mm Super Frames w/ Wire & Wax strip 

11 x 32mm Brood Frames w/ Wire & Wax strip



Weight : 18.1 Kg

H: 46cm + W: 46.5cm + D: 55cm

Langstroth Hive dimensions